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StarShine Academy A Night to Remember

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Addison Taylor was honored to create this custom piece for StarShine Academy for their 3rd Annual Boots and Stars Tribute Dinner on September 11. Scott created this piece in pure sterling silver and added in one diamond on the Tree of Life to represent oneness all around the world.

The Tree of Life Foundation was founded in 2012 by jewelry designer Scott Berger and his wife Marla. The tremendous amount of love and passion that went into creating this spiritual symbol of unity is truly where it comes to life. The jewelry collection was uniquely designed by Berger to bring out and share the beauty in each person. The purpose of the foundation is to connect all of the people in our world as one—and finally growing together as the stars above.

Marla was also honored and asked by Trish McCarty to start off the evening by lighting the Friday night Shabbat candles, which is truly so special.

StarShine Academy creates transformational community schools by igniting and enabling the aspirations of children in all communities. We are dedicated to helping every child find their talent and grow into a peaceful, productive, and successful person. Honored by the United Nations and educational leaders, StarShine is a model for a new generation of small community schools. Philanthropy is an integral part of who we are at Addison Taylor. We strive to better our local community while also reaching out to organizations around the nation and around the world. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have formed over the years and the impact we have been able to make.  It is important to be involved long term and not just for a one night, one time donation and so we have put programs in place to allow money to go back year round. Addison Taylor strives to raise money and build awareness for all of the organizations that we work with. We're committed to making a difference. We also wanted to take this time to remember those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We will never forget.

Tree of Life Foundation This spiritual Tree of Life symbol represents unity. The purpose of this foundation is to connect people together; from this, we can then grow closer with each another, and truly become one.

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