First Date

At Addison Taylor Fine Jewelery, head designer Scott Berger first explains the differentiation between the notorious “4 C’s” of diamonds that’s long been around. Here, the 3-C’s take place on the first date.


The first part is to educate the couple on how jewelry is made. Everyone that walks through the door gets to see the entire gallery. They witness how jewelry is made including the production area, computer-animated design, 3D printing, and how the wax molds are set. This is a behind the scenes tour of how jewelry is made. This educational process is important because the couple needs to understand that this process is going to make something that is truly one of a kind. There is no other piece of jewelry like their own.


After the couple has an overview of how jewelry is made, it is important to understand the customer’s wants and needs. Everyone gets asked a few questions so that Addison Taylor gets a feel for the couple’s identity, their style, and what kind of design features are important to them. They start bigger and then hone in on the diamonds and what kind of shape and style is important for the stone. Couples get to learn about the differences between the diamonds so that they understand what qualities make up a diamond as well as understanding that they have a choice when it comes to their stone.


The couple doesn’t hear a sales pitch on the first date. They always leave understanding how the jewelry process works along with an education on the ring and the options for the stone itself. Above all else, the couple leaves knowing that they have a choice when it comes to their jewelry. They should understand it takes time to pick the perfect diamond because this is something that they will have for their entire lives. Over time, the couple will learn what design features excite them about their jewelry and Addison Taylor will incorporate all of these into their own individual piece of jewelry.

Design The Perfect Piece

Designing jewelry is more than a job. It is a passion that we take great pride in. Let us take you behind the scenes for a moment so you can see exactly how we create the perfect jewelry item for any given occasion.

When an individual or couple first walks through the door, store owner and designer Scott Berger is there to offer a friendly greeting. He takes time to talk with each customer to get to know the individual’s or couple’s passions, likes and dislikes. He then offers a concise yet detailed explanation of various types of diamonds and metals, making it easy for any customer to pick the raw materials for any given jewelry item.

Next it’s time to pick a design. We have numerous pictures and design options on display to make it easy for you to pick a design; at the same time, we are also open to new design ideas you have. The consultation is all about helping you create jewelry that you will love both now and in the future.

Once the designing is finished, it’s time to pick a diamond. We offer them in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and carat options, so you can find literally anything you want. When you are finished, our computer aided designing system shows you a 3D image of what your new jewelry will look like. This state of the art technology is simply amazing and ensures that you will love the finished product you have chosen.

Finally, it’s time to get to work. We prepare the metal and set the diamond (or diamonds) on the ring using a microscope to ensure that there are absolutely no flaws. Once again, Scott Berger takes a lead role in the design of all jewelry items, carefully inspecting each ring, earring set, necklace, pendant or any other product to ensure that it is absolutely perfect in every way.

When your jewelry is ready, we give you a call. We then sit back and bask in your joy at receiving a flawless, handmade jewelry piece.

Picture Perfect Diamond

Once we’ve designed a couple’s one-of-a-kind ring, with their guidance, of course, we produce a photograph-quality CAD drawing and we invite them back into our gallery to review it. Eyes will widen and jaws will drop as they get their first glimpse of their unique creation. They’ve picked out a diamond, sketched a design and now they are seeing it, in full detail, in a magnified photograph. You can sense their excitement building as they recognize their ring has taken the next step to becoming a reality. Based on their approval, we are ready to create their ring.

The design goes to a 3-D printer that builds the design in wax. This is called “lost wax” because it will eventually be burned away, leaving a negative mold that will go into a casting machine. We then heat the precious metal of their choice, whether it be platinum, white gold, or rose gold to a molten liquid and inject it into the negative mold. Once set and cooled, the ring is broken out of the mold.

Our craftsmen jewelers then take the ring for finishing and polishing, with every surface receiving exacting attention to bring it to brilliance. Special, fine tools, brushes and polishing materials are used to reach every detail. It is now ready for our main setter, who secures the diamond or diamonds into the setting. This is work that is so precise, it must be done with the aid of a microscope.

Each and every step is completed here at our in-house gallery. Nothing is sent out. Everything is made in the U.S.A, created in a green environment and completed with loving care…and it shows.

Succesful Delivery

Once the ring is finished, it is then inspected by everyone who was part of the process to ensure it is perfect for delivery. Once this has been verified according to our standards, we then call the customer to let them know it is ready. We want all customers to be able to come in and see it to ensure that it is perfect for them as well before taking it home. We are just as excited as our customers are when they come in for the final product.

We will never present you a ring or other item that we have not examined in multiple ways to ensure it looks exactly the way you have designed it. After all, this is a ring that the customer will be keeping forever and we want to make sure it meets and exceeds all expectations. We do this to create a better experience. Once the customer comes in to view the ring or other type of jewelry, our favorite part is seeing the look on their faces. Any design that was created in our studio tends to look much better in person. The reaction from customers is priceless and it is exactly what our business is all about.

We are happy to be a part of beautiful journeys that include engagements, marriages, and even just anniversary gifts. We enjoy creating pieces that will create memories and happiness for years to come. We are so grateful for every customer that we get to meet and design with and love that we get to be a part of their lifelong journey.