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The House

For over three decades, Scott and Marla Berger's passion has been designing one-of-a-kind, custom jewelry, on a personalized basis, and has enlivened the experience with their friends, family, and clients for special occasions, engagements, weddings, and charitable events. In 2004, Scott and Marla founded Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, (named after their first daughter). Scott and Marla create, design, and hand fabricate every piece of jewelry in-house, with their team of master craftsmen, from start to finish. 

Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry has established their sense of style, quality, and sensibility over the past 17 years.

Owner, and designer, Scott Berger, personally consults with his clients throughout the entire creative production process. Scott spent 23 years in the manufacturing and wholesale diamond industry, as well as designing jewelry.

Scott designed his first piece of jewelry 33 years ago, which was an engagement ring for his wife, Marla.

Scott and Marla emphasize the importance of being educated on fine jewelry, and will only use the most exceptional quality diamonds and gems for each unique vision, while working with their clients. Because of the precision for detail, elegance, and simplicity that is expressed through each design, Scott and Marla are meticulous about the quality, and emotion with which each jewelry piece carries. 

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