Addison Taylor

Fine Jewelry

Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry and the expertise behind the term “Design That Defines” built the name recognition and reputation over many years, setting trends in these era’s. Owner and designer Scott Berger personally consults with every client on each piece of jewelry that Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry produces, from the intitial concept to the final result. Based on the chosen stone and the client’s initial concept, Scott creates the design and works with his craftsmen to forge every piece of jewelry entirely in-house from start to finish.

History and


Scott Berger developed an appreciation for elegant, hand crafted objects. Beautiful jewelry was prevalent throughout Scott’s formative years. As an adult, Berger spent 23 years in the wholesale diamond industry. Throughout his career, Berger honed his ability to identify the best quality diamonds and precious stones.

His keen artistic sensibilities and appreciation for grace and style eventually led Berger to create his first piece of jewelry over 27 years ago. It was an engagement ring for his wife, Marla.