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Scott and Marla Berger

The Founders

Scott and Marla Berger established their jewelry business, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, in 2004. Scott began developing his sense of style, creativity, and passion for art in university, sculpting and making clay into art forms. Marla continued to develop her insight, and love for art and design, in university, focusing on architecture and interior design.


Like sculpting clay, each piece of jewelry at Addison Taylor is unique, as it is designed and handcrafted in-house for the client. Scott's appreciation for detail, and emphasis for one-of-a-kind, is expressed through each work of art.  

Scott and Marla have always been devoted to philanthropy; and by combining their sense of style, creativity, and passion for fine jewelry with their love for humanity, they found their purpose. Scott and Marla design jewelry collections for hundreds of charities and causes globally; including, the collection they designed for the Pope and his efforts in helping refugee children around the world.


They were invited as representatives, along with 23 other visionaries and world leaders, to Windsor Castle for a summit with respect to shifting global consciousness. A representative of the Royal Family had a conversation with Scott and Marla. “This is not a foundation you are starting, it’s a movement,” the representative said. “It’s much bigger than you could possibly ever have dreamt or imagined.” Proceeding the summit, Scott and Marla became International Leadership Fellows of St. George’s House at Windsor Castle. 


Scott and Marla created and founded the Tree of Life Movement (TOLM) and the Intention Stick in 2012. The Tree of Life Movement and the Intention Stick aim to unify humanity through a global, spiritual awakening, ignited by the realization of the power held by human intention. The Intention Stick is an expression or a mirror image of our own physical vessel, and includes a list of 22 intentions which can be placed inside. According to Kabbalah, each intention has 72 interpretations. And, all of these intentions help with the concept called “Tikun," which means to repair oneself, or one's physical vessel, and to connect with one's own individual purpose.


In addition to the TOLM, Scott and Marla founded the TOLM Foundation and an Intention Stick with a recyclable, silicon material that can be gifted on a global scale. For every Intention Stick that someone is gifted, one tree is planted in honor of that person, as a gift to Mother Earth. The mission for the Foundation is to help change the significant challenges we face globally, one life at a time; to gift an Intention Stick to twenty-two million children; and, ultimately, to every child around the world.

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