Meet The Expert

Scott Berger is the kind of hands on, face to face entrepreneur that you might expect in the commercial retail industry, not in diamonds and jewelry. However, one of the unique takeaways from Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry has always been the personal consultation each client receives from Scott to learn the story of the handmade craftsmanship that drives the look of the brand. One might think that 23 years in the industry might give a proprietor an excuse to create a comfortable separation from his audience – after all, isn’t a “take the money and run” ethos a more efficient way of doing business?

It may be for some brands – not for Scott and Addison Taylor fine jewelry. Part of the reason that Scott made his way into the jewelry business was to educate others – share with them the beauty that he finds in the artistry of a fine cut. Many clients come back to Scott and Addison Taylor specifically because of this special attention.

The Founders

In 2004 Scott and Marla Berger opened the business, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry. Since that time, Addison Taylor has become synonymous with luxury and quality in Scottsdale, AZ. Every piece is unique and handmade for the client. Berger’s appreciation for shape, color and form, and his skill as a jeweler ensures that every piece is a work of art.

Behind The Expert

Scott and Marla Berger opened the doors of Addison Tylor Fine Jewelry in 2004. While you may know a little about the business and the stunning jewelry you can find inside, it is always great to get to know the man behind the business – and what lies behind the man.

Scott Berger – The Family Man

Scott has been married for 26 years and is a father to four children. His oldest son Harrison is 22 and a film major. His son Justin is 20 and is also a philosophy major. His daughter Addison is 16 and student government president for her class. Jaden, the youngest, is eight and generally runs the family while taking classical piano.

The business is named after Addison, Berger’s daughter, who was the only daughter at the time the doors opened.