Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry - An Experience in Taste and Fine Quality

Twelve years ago something amazing happened for wedding jewelry; Addison Taylor began to sell custom-made designs that were truly unique and a clear step apart from what was the norm at the time. Established by Marla and Scott Berger, Scott leveraged his 23 years of knowledge in the wholesale diamond industry as Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry provided design married to beauty in a physical jewelry piece. Whether the item is a fine watch, a beautiful necklace or a wedding ring set, Berger and his team at Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry work around the world to find the best diamonds to then set them in breathtaking cradles.

Bridal Jewelry

The bridal pieces that really stand out for a lifetime are those with sincere care put into their crafting. Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry rings evoke that feeling in their patterns carved to complement a choice gemstone that matches the client’s style and love.

Exceptional Rings

While ring-crafting is almost as old as humankind, the ability to make an exceptionally beautiful ring has been invented and lost in time repeatedly. However, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry may very well be the next famous ring maker of our time. Designed to evoke the best of a person and compliment her beauty, Addison Taylor’s rings are literally a step above anything else.

Wedding Bands

Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry wedding bands are crafted by individual Master Craftsmen and feature the finest diamonds available in an array of cuts and weights. Once complete, every surface is polished to perfection, maximizing the reflection of light through each and every facet.

Wedding Jewels

Addison Taylor wedding collections combine unique design, personality and dazzling beauty. Each wedding band set is adorned with stunning and unique gemstones that are cut by a master craftsman with meticulous attention to detail and design integrity.