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A One-of-a-Kind Mother's Day Story

The jewelry that we put on each morning often carries more of a story than our clothes or makeup ever could.

Sid loved his gold pinky ring and wore it every single day as he worked in the retail jewelry industry in Northwest Indiana. When Sid passed away, Joy, his daughter, inherited the ring. She wore it and so did her husband…a lot. He loved it so much that he considered it his!

That is until Joy took it back. Joy was looking for a way to make her father’s pinky ring something that she could enjoy forever. She brought Sid’s ring into Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry to make some magic with Scott Berger. His vision is like no other when it comes to custom jewelry as he believes there is no job too big or too small.

Joy walked out of Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry with a custom necklace that you will NEVER see anywhere else. Scott turned Sid’s gold pinky ring into a work of art that Joy can wear forever and someday pass on to her children or even grandchildren.

The custom layered necklace now features the star sapphire cabochon from Sid’s pinky ring, set in rose gold surrounded by white pave diamonds, hung on a rose gold chain with champagne diamonds.

Design your story and schedule your appointment.

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