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Sapphires in Santorini

Another amazing love story that we couldn't wait to share. We helped this couple with the engagement ring to their custom, matching sapphire wedding bands. We love, love!! "Brian proposed to me under a magnificent waterfall in Costa Rica in August of 2014. He wanted my ring to be special, and said we should design it together. I envisioned something unique and have always loved all things blue and white. With that in mind, Scott designed the most beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring for me, which in turn became the inspiration for our destination wedding in Greece. We could not think of a more idyllic setting than Santorini, known for its blue-domed, whitewashed villages brushing up against the inky blue waters of the Aegean sea. Over the next year, our dream wedding came together piece by piece. We met with Scott once again to design our bands. We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted, but I knew I wanted sapphires included in my band, and Brian wanted a subtle coordinating sapphire in his ring. Given those vague details, Scott and his team at Addison Taylor brilliantly created stunning bands, special and unique to us and flawlessly complimenting our wedding venue. Our sunset wedding overlooking the caldera in Santorini was nothing short of magical. We were surrounded by a handful of our close family members and friends, who graciously traveled halfway across the world to spend our day with us. In addition to everything we had planned, we also had a few amazing surprises, including “our” song being played by our wedding musician unexpectedly (we were told he could not learn it on short notice), two spectacular fireworks displays, and two adorable playful kittens who decided to “crash" our reception and frolic at our feet after dinner. Thank you, Scott and everyone at Addison Taylor for giving us the perfect rings to commemorate our love and our most incredible day!" - Christina M.

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