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Faith, Hope, and Love

We wanted to share this love story that is still going strong after 28 years. This couple wanted to surprise each other with something special. Little did they know, they were doing sort of the same thing....Here is their story! Richard Dickens, my husband, has commissioned Scott Berger, from Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, to create a number of incredible jewelry pieces for me over the years. About 6 years or so ago, I decided to commission one from me to him for our anniversary (We are soon to reach 28 years now!). Our faith had become such an important part of who we are and is growing every day. I thought I would have Scott create a ring that that included three of Richard’s life verses; Psalm 32, 1 Cor. 13, and John 3:16. Little did I know that Richard was working with Scott to create a ring for me that said Faith, Hope, and Love. Of course Scott never let on he was working with both of us and created the rings to match, a perfect set. You should have seen the look on our faces as we presented our “surprises” to each other!! We had quite a laugh about it. We treasure our rings and wear them a lot, because of this they were in need of a little “love” as Scott would put it. I just picked up our awesome rings, shiny as new. We reminisced the story all over again and I told Scott I would take some photos and share our story. - Lucy Dickens

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